Sleep Dentistry New Zealand provides services for both adults and children. We proud ourselves in our relaxing, comfortable ad enjoyable environment and we make sure that both adults and children leave our premises with a positive feeling about the whole experience. This is especially important for children, who could carry their fear of pain and needles later on through life making them avoiding going to the dentist, which will eventually lead in more complex problems and treatments.

For this reason, many parents decide to opt for paediatric dentistry with the help of sedation and anaesthetic. The little patients won’t be able to recollect what happened during the procedure, have fears associated with it and this will impact their future oral health.

Here are some of the techniques our trained therapists use to ensure that children have a positive experience:

  • Learn about the child and his/her needs
  • Educate the parents on how to make the whole experience as positive as possible for the child
  • Educate the child about what kind of treatment he/she is required using friendly terms
  • Use numbing gels and invisible needles techniques (sleepy juice)
  • Educate the child about good oral hygiene and a healthy diet
  • Use distractions and entertainment to distract the little patients
  • Educate the parents on foreseeable orthodontic issues and refer them where needed to a specialist