Oral Health Therapy & Preventative Maintenance

One of the most important factors that help long-term health for your teeth is hygiene. Keeping your teeth clean however is not enough if you wish to maintain a healthy smile. In fact, plaque and calculus can build up under the gum and between your teeth.

For this specific reason, we suggest seeing a professional regularly to ensure that plaque does not remain undetected.

Sleep Dentistry New Zealand has skilled Oral and Health Therapists and Hygienists that will tailor a preventative maintenance program based on your specific needs and dental health.

To ensure that our little patients don’t experience any kind of discomfort we adopt different methods such as:

  • Ultrasonic instruments
  • Anaesthetic for those with sensitive teeth
  • Entertainment to divert attention
  • Treatment under sleep for phobic patients

All the above procedures are designed so as not to scare our little patients. We don’t want them to develop phobias that may prevent them to go to the dentist later on in life.