Welcome to Sleep Dentistry New Zealand

Sleep Dentistry is a practice that involves performing a procedure while the patient is asleep. It is also known as Dental Sedation, Sedation Dentistry and Sleep Sedation. In all these cases a general anesthetic or IV sedation is needed to ensure that the procedure is performed as pain-free as possible for our patients. This kind of dentistry also helps with fear, anxiety and general discomfort that most people associate with dental procedures.

Sleep Dentistry New Zealand provides services for both adults and children. We pride ourselves in our relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable environment where we make sure that both adults and children leave our premises with a positive feeling about the whole experience.

This is especially important for children, who could carry their fear of pain and needles later through life making them avoiding going to the dentist, which will eventually lead in more complex problems and treatments later on in life.


For this reason, many parents decide to opt for pediatric dentistry with the help of sedation and anesthetic. The little patients won’t be able to recollect what happened during the procedure, have fears associated with it. This will positively impact their future oral health.

Sleep Dentistry New Zealand is also suggested for all those people who can’t/don’t want to perform procedures in multiple appointments. In fact, being sedated facilitates a longer treatment. This means that we will be able to perform the entire procedure in one go. Of course, if you have specific requirements, please let us know before the procedure takes place.

All the above procedures are conducted by our skillfully trained team, which operates using state of the art surgical and anaesthetic equipment.

Call us today to discuss the best treatment possible for you and your needs.